KBAB Beale Air Force base for P3D

Historically important air base
in striking surroundings

Situated in the stunning Sacremento valley of Northern California, Beale has been an active USAF base since the start of the Cold War.

Primarily known for reconnaissance, Beale has launched the eyes in the sky that have informed many a world-turning decision, and continues in this role today.

Realised in stunning detail, Blackbird Simulations KBAB Beale Air Force Base is the perfect stage from which to fly your military missions.

Prepar3D V4 v5+

Beale AFB - a Blackbird Simulations first foray into scenery!

Beale AFB - home of the U2 & Habu!

During the last 60 years, Beale has been host to various aircraft missions including bombing, strategic reconnaissance and air-to-air refuelling.

Blackbird Simulations KBAB Beale Air Force Base gives you the option of two iconic eras in the base's history. 'Retro' evokes the swansong of the Blackbird when tensions shifted from the Iron Curtain to the Middle East, while 'Modern' portrays Beale as it is today. Each option reflects the time, with age-specific buildings, markings, layout and aircraft.

Scenery locations and photo-real background coverage

The scenery covers the main airbase, storage areas at the north side and housing and services area to the south east. There are two small additional features to the east, a training “bullseye” and the PAVE PAWS radar installation.

Hangars & buildings

  • SR-71A hangar complex
  • Central gate
  • Retro control tower
  • Modern control tower
  • Water tower and power distribution
  • Maintenance hangars
  • RQ-4 Hangar complex
  • U-2 hangar complex
  • PAVE PAWS Radar

AI package

The scenery package includes T-38 AI traffic using the Blackbird Simulations T-38A AI model. The repaints of the Talons are adjusted to reflect both their retro or modern appearance based on the scenery configuration chosen by the user.

Optional MAIW AI package

A freeware AI package for the base using MAIW models under permission by their creators is available through MAIW website. The package includes the following AI:

  • SR-71A
  • KC-135Q (Specialized version of the KC JP-7 fuel grade)
  • U-2R
  • C-5A Galaxy (visiting on specific weekdays)
  • RQ-4 Global Hawk Drones
  • KC-135R
  • U-2 S
  • C-5M Galaxy (visiting on specific weekdays)
  • C-17A (visiting on specific weekdays)

(The repaints of the AI planes are adjusted to represent units operating from KBAB at their respective timeframe.)

System Requirements (Minimum):

Operating System:
Windows 10
Windows 11

Use of this product in any other version of Windows is not supported at this time.

Intel i5 or AMD equivalent 2.6 Ghz or higher


DirectX®11 compliant video card
8 GB video RAM or higher

System Requirements (VR):

i9-9900K or AMD equivalent 2.6 Ghz or higher


DirectX®11 compliant video card
11 GB video RAM or higher


Hard Drive Space:
2.8 GB available space

Supported Platforms:
Prepar3d Version 4 (Latest release, with all hotfixes)
Prepar3d Version 5+

Use or installation of the products(s) referenced on this page in any other platform than that intended or shown above is not supported and may result in errors or a non-functioning product.

All Blackbird Simulations products require a functioning gaming controller such as a joystick for proper operation.

An internet connection is required for product activation

SGAA and SGSS are not supported.

Setup instructions

Special Features:

62.4 sq. km (24.1 sq. miles) of 30cm/pixel terrain aerial image

Seasonal adaptation of aerial image

Color matching options for Default, ORBX Global Base/OpenLC, ORBX NA Northern California, ORBX TrueEarth NorCal

Two historical versions, Retro (SR-71 final operational stage 1989-1990) and Modern

Accurate buildings and hangars using PBR texturing, including Phased Array Warning System

Accurate USAF ground equipment

Detailed tarmac texturing with weathering, bump and specular effects as well as wet effect when raining

Dynamic night lighting

3D grass on runway and taxiway edges

Configuration manager through Blackbird Simulations Addon Management System (MVAMS)

AI T-38 Talon package

Airfield Lighting Toolbox 'Running Rabbit' approach light

Optional freeware MAIW AI package

Purchase Options

KBAB Beale Air Force base for P3D Standard Edition for personal use only

Multi-platform installer supporting Prepar3D V4 v5+


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